Do you believe that jeans with dog hair, or a wrinkled dress, or a shirt with small stains, deserve to be ‘damaged out’ and recycled out of circulation? Obviously the sustainable answer is no, but that’s what happens throughout the inventory supply chain today.

Revive was born to take on a supply chain challenge that every brand faces: What should we do with slightly imperfect returns, store try-ons, display samples, or just plain old excess inventory?

Without actionable data, brands only have a few (not ideal) options: costly recycling - difficult when the materials are not built to be recycled easily; donations - also difficult since donation centers cannot process that much volume; and as the last resort, incineration or destruction of the goods. Current options offer no financial recovery, and brands expect to lose the majority of asset value for deadstock.

Revive is a first-in-line solution. Before recycling or donating, let our AI-powered platform show the recovered value potential of this inventory. Let us help you make a decision of whether these small damages are worth cleaning and/or repairing to be sold. Based on your decision, Revive will help realize the maximum value of this neglected inventory.

In 2024, we will Revive over $56.2m of deadstock and returns.

Leadership Team

Allison Lee

Allison Lee is a Founder & CEO of Revive, the Data-powered Inventory Optimization Tool for Brands to realize the highest asset value from their returns. Ever since she launched her first start-up as a student at UC Berkeley, Allison has followed her passion in merging data and growth at early stage companies. She first saw the hyper growth at Peel, an Alibaba-backed IoT company, as their Director of Monetization and grew the company’s annualized revenue from $20K to $15M in two years. She delivered another wave of growth at Hemster, the company she founded in 2017, to bring data-powered tailoring solutions to omni-channel brands, as the company grew 10x within 12 months even throughout the pandemic. She was recognized as Forbes' 30 Under 30 in 2019 and featured on Techcrunch, WWD, and Shoptalk.

Rafael Hines

Rafael Hines is the COO of Revive, and has diverse professional experience in eCommerce, investment banking, and corporate development. Rafael joined Revive from ElasticSuite, a leading B2B commerce and merchandising platform, where he served as SVP and GM. He previously served as Vice President, Strategy, at Emerald and led Strategy and Business Intelligence for Barneys New York. Rafael also worked in investment banking as an Associate at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and spent several years in the retail industry, focused on international expansion at Ralph Lauren, Coach, and Michael Kors. His multi-disciplinary background provides unique insight into the product, strategy, and financial aspects of retail and eCommerce, which are critical to Revive’s strategic growth plans.

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